About DEIP

DEIP builds comprehensive ecosystem for a new class of assets as intellectual capital within Web3 including protocols, tools, and applications.

Our Leadership

Alex Shkor

Tech entrepreneur, inventor, and distributed systems architect with the ultimate goal to create an advanced digital infrastructure for research & innovation for the next centuries to drive exponential growth in knowledge and technologies creation.

Alexey Kulik

Chief Architect
Passionate and experienced software architect with broad experience in management. Uses his skills and knowledge to apply the cutting-edge technologies to bring novel socially impactful innovations to life. A frequent public speaker and lecturer on the blockchain topics.

Yahor Tsaryk

Software Engineer and Tech Lead with more than a 7-year experience in IT industry including backend, frontend development and dev-ops areas. Has a solid experience in designing complex infrastructures and workflows which embrace all technical stages of apps starting from user interaction ending with broadcasting transactions in distributed systems. Expertise in a number of programing languages and architecture approaches has allowed him to realize benefits of the blockchain technology and opportunities it can offer for modern society.

Dr.Dimitri Sidorovitch

Chairman of the Board
20+ years of Executive experience at NASDAQ companies. Serial entrepreneur and investor with ramping-up of international startups in IT, Telecom, FinTech and Blockchain. Strong R&D background in Statistics with 10+ publications at IEEE. Ex-CEO of NOKIA MD and BY.

Matt O 'Neill

Head of US Operations
Finance and technology executive with a passion for social good and open innovation. Working diligently to match promise with possibility and bring execution to visionary leadership.

Advisors to Executive Board

Leonid Lozner
Technology Advisor
Co-founder of EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM)
Matthew Wise
Strategy advisor
Founder & CEO at Archipelo
Anton Kulichkin
Business Advisor
Blockchain Expert and Business Angel
Alon A. Cohen
Strategy Advisor
Entrepreneur, Strategist, Impact investor. CSO at SOLIDBLOCK
Valeria Kholostenko
Fundraising and business development advisor
Polkadot Investor Relations and Strategic Partnerships

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive adoption of Web 3.0 technologies for creative economy use-cases, and boost liquidity of technology assets. We work to maximize the realization of global human and intellectual capital.