Technology Transfer Platform

A modular online platform for technology transfer.

Technology Transfer Platform

Automated technology IP docketing and contract management

  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Register ownership of IP assets on the platform
  • Secure deals via automated contracts

A shopfront to list and showcase your technology portfolio

  • E-commerce style listing
  • Add technology images, videos, additional files and references to build the best in class portfolio
  • Instant license purchase options

Get assessment of complex technologies with the network intelligence

  • Provision your project for peer-review and source high quality feedback
  • Transform results of review into series of metrics to clearly understand technology quality and potential
  • Reuse review results from network participants and leverage the trusted history of related projects
  • Rate and incentivise participation of experts

Generate revenue by licensing your technologies and securitizing IP

  • Wide range of open source, commercial, academic, and dual licensing strategies
  • Securitization of IP assets and automatic royalty distribution
  • Instant licensing and contract signing on the platform

Understand who is using your technologies and open up new possibilities to follow-up

  • Evaluate technology performance at all stages
  • Get holistic and detailed view of technology usage
  • Technology usage graph and statistics
  • Measure the efficiency of each contribution and investment decision through quality and impact metrics
  • Drill-down into collected insights to predict new possibilities and mitigate risks firsthand

Modular architecture

Refers to the design of a system composed of separate components that can be connected together.

Benefits of modular architecture:

  • all modules are interchangeable
  • feature scalability
  • a cost-effective way of feature development
  • support for the “drag-and-drop” approach to building products

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